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Monday, May 16, 2011

Pinoy's Pavorito's

Malungay is the favorite vegetable of most filipino, I don't exactly know the scientific name of this plant, All I know is that, in the Philippines, this vegetable is now added to most of philippine local noodle.

Tuyo` in Tagalog / Buwad or Bulad in Leyteneo and Cebuano, Salted fish in English, this is the number one favorite of most filipinos.  Many pinoy died in highblood pressure/kidney due to this delicacy. Comes from a variety of fish.

Sword Chili, most tagalog called this one, "Siling Labuyo", but for me this is not the siling labuyo, Siling Labuyo is quite smaller than this, I think this is just a hybrid type of chilli, and according to my research the plant originated in china. We can make a very good dip with this type of chili, Best in Soy Sauce with Calamansi and a small amount of vinigar. Perfect for Fried Milk Fish and Fried Chicken.

Smoking is the number one pinoy's favorite, thousands of Filipino people died in lung cancer due to smoking. Most smokers here in the Philippines are Call Center Agents and people who worked in night shift schedule. Even me can't quit smoking. It's just too hard, Starting is easy but quitting is a nightmare.

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