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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Birds I saw in Dubai

There are many kind of birds that can be found in Dubai, before Dubai is covered with sands with ,some buildings on it. But today it is now called the "Impossible City", lush green grass, trees everywhere and flowers all around. Feels like you are not in the middle east. Here are some species of birds I saw in Dubai:

Laughing Dove

The Hoopoe/ HudHud
I always saw this bird on the top of the green grass looking for food every morning going to work, small insects is the main favorite of this bird. The feathers on its head raise when the bird is threatened.
 The Roller
This bird is one of my favorite, one day I saw this bird in a branch of a small tree, I am truly amaze by its colorful feathers.


The Purple Sunbird
This bird is a relative of a hummingbird, feeds on nectar and sometimes small insects.
 Rose Ringed Parakeet
This type of bird flies freely in Dubai, unlike in the other countries you can see this bird on cage.

House Sporrow

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